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It’s been one year since Joe Biden’s disastrous retreat from Afghanistan and his abandonment of thousands of Americans. Our friend John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting has released a new version of his protest song “Blood on My Hands” to mark the occasion — and to remind us that we have seen zero accountability for this “moral stain,” as John puts it.

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Says Ondrasik: “One year after our withdrawal from Afghanistan the consequences are catastrophic and devastating. Over 70,000 SIV holders and their families are still being hunted by the Taliban. Women’s rights have been decimated while girls over 16 cannot attend school. Afghans face mass starvation and the national security fallout feared by many is coming to fruition. Perhaps the most egregious fact is that no member of the Joint Chiefs, Advising Generals, DOD appointees, Intelligence officers, or State Department officials, including the Secretary of State, have resigned or been terminated due to the American withdrawal from Afghanistan.  On this one-year anniversary the moral stain that is the aftermath of our withdrawal will creep into the news for a few days and then fade into the either, but the blood on our hands will remain.”

Proceeds of Ondrasik’s original version of “Blood On My Hands” and acoustic version of “Blood On My Hands (White House Version)” have gone to various organizations doing the evacs and rescues in Afghanistan, in addition to the Afghanistan National Institute of Music  and the Gary Sinise Foundation.
Ondrasik’s passion for supporting freedom has been a longstanding commitment for the artist.  The new video follows on the heels of Ondrasik’s recently released “Can One Man Save The World?” with a powerful companion music video, featuring the Ukrainian Orchestra filmed in Ukraine.  The song, inspired by the courage of President Vladimir Zelenskyy and the people of Ukraine, asks the nation, and the world, to stand up for core values of freedom and justice.

Ondrasik’s Grammy nominated song, “Superman (It’s Not Easy),” the worldwide hit single that went Platinum, became an anthem for the heroes of 9-11; and Ondrasik performed the song at The Concert for New York City.  He has given countless performances for the USO, and participated in keynote speaking engagements across the globe. Over the years, Ondrasik has given away five volumes of his compilation, “CD for the Troops,” to our U.S. Armed Forces, and more than one million copies have been distributed to soldiers worldwide.

Ondrasik’s charity site www.whatkindofworlddoyouwant.com, inspired by his song, “World,” has seen fans uploading videos showing their respective interpretations of a better world.  That initiative has raised more than $250,000 for five designated charities – Augie’s Quest, Austism Speaks, Fisher House Foundation, Save the Children and Operation Homefront.

We’ll be talking with John soon on my podcast to discuss this utter moral failure and why we’re still not getting answers about it. We’ll also talk about this on today’s Ed Morrissey Show (4:00 pm ET!) live chat, while we launch the next episode of the new #TEMS podcast. It’s now a fully downloadable and streamable show at  SpotifyApple Podcaststhe TEMS Podcast YouTube channel, and on Rumble and our own in-house portal at the #TEMS page!

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  • Andrew Malcolm joins us for Tuesdays with Andrew! The Prince of Twitter and discuss all of the hot political stories of the day.
  • Does it make sense for the US to invest in Ukraine’s resistance to the invading Russians? Andrew Malcolm argues yes, but both of us question the federal government’s “investment” in student loans. Joe Biden’s bailout of Academia hides a failed system that would be prosecuted in any other context. But is Biden’s plan just a PR dodge facing certain death in federal court?
  • Plus, you’ll hear my latest audio editorial for Townhall Commentary!

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