PayPal bans gay group for opposing child mutilation

Source: Hot Air

I’ve written about this before, and I will write about it again, no doubt. PayPal, Patreon, Facebook Twitter, the FBI and all the other elite establishments working to silence dissenters from the Narrative™ are doing me a favor by providing job security.

Today’s installment of “elites working to create Chinese-style social credit system” has to do with PayPal’s and Venmo’s (they are basically the same company now) silencing of Gays Against Groomers, a coalition of gay activists who banded together to oppose transgender recruitment of children. Google also banned them from using their platforms, so they are denied both money and the ability to get their message out.

The group especially focuses their attention on the practice of mutilating kids by transgender clinics, but they also expose the grooming of children by teachers, librarians, and other trans activists.

Obviously the group is neither anti-gay nor anti-trans. In fact they started a group for trans activists who share their opposition to recruiting kids to change genders–a group that Twitter banned immediately. Trans-folk from an earlier generation weren’t recruited. They transitioned because they were experiencing severe dysphoria and had to go through extensive psychological treatment, often for years, before they were finally given medical treatment for their condition. I admit to near-total ignorance of the pain these folks went through and how they arrived at their decision to pursue this course of action, so I cannot give an informed opinion about about their cases.

But I can and do share their outrage about what is happening to children. The population of transgender identifying kids has exploded in the past few years. By up to 4000% in the UK, and by similar numbers in the US. In just a few years.

This has nothing to do with a change in people’s inborn perceptions–how could it given how rapid the shift is? It is a result of self-conscious grooming done largely in the schools and on social media platforms such as TikTok. And it is big business now, as I have also written about before.

The keepers of the Narrative™ are all in on this trend, and I have also discussed elsewhere why that is. Some of it is money. Some of it is power. None of it is compassion for people suffering. You cannot convince me otherwise.

PayPal is one of the great keepers of the Narrative™. They hold one of the keys to fundraising on the Internet, and along with Patreon get to shut down access to the financial system for groups like Gays Against Groomers. You can get around such bans, but it is hard. Just as it is difficult to get your message out if Twitter and Facebook decide to silence you.

PayPal doesn’t ban groups who promote pedophilia, and neither does Patreon. They actually facilitate transactions that look like they could be illegal. But unless they are required to by active law enforcement action, they turn a blind eye.

Most of us wind up using PayPal because it is convenient and one of the only alternatives out there for certain Internet transactions. Yet in doing so we are supporting the worst aspects of our culture.

That’s because they powers-that-be want it that way.