Pediatricians slam pediatrician group for pushing puberty blockers for children

Source: Hot Air

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has joined the American Medical Association (AMA) in jumping on the woke bandwagon and endorsing radical medical procedures for children who claim to be experiencing gender dysphoria. These medicines and procedures have been receiving endorsements despite little if any extensive testing to determine if they provide any actual help to the patient at all or potentially may be causing harm. But according to recent leaked internal communications provided by whistleblowers, many pediatricians are revolting against the AAP and expressing outrage over these guidelines. Some of these doctors have flatly stated that the organization’s policies are the equivalent of “endorsing great harm.” (Yahoo News)

Messages reportedly leaked from the American Academy of Pediatrics purportedly show physicians expressing outrage over the organization’s stance on puberty-blocking drugs being used on transgender teens.

The Daily Mail reported this week on alleged leaked messages of doctors disagreeing with the American Academy of Pediatrics on whether to recommend potentially harmful drugs and surgeries on teens who wish to go through the gender reassignment process.

“Before promulgating gender-affirming care, with all of its ethical implications (irreversible bodily changes, sterility, etc.)… don’t we want to be sure this is the best path?” one pediatrician who belonged to the organization wrote.

This is such a welcome change after so many doctors have apparently felt compelled to remain silent and go along with these organizations’ woke mandates. You don’t need to be a doctor to realize how crazy all of this is, but it helps. One of the doctors politely pointed out the “ethical implications” of performing irreversible genital mutilation surgery on children or the administration of dangerous, puberty-blocking drugs to prepubescent kids.

What we really need is for more of these doctors to bring the conversation forward and not keep it hidden inside internal mailing lists. This is a significant crisis in the medical community right now and real children are suffering the consequences. As you may recall, even the FDA has recognized that administering puberty-blockers to healthy children as a way to treat gender dysphoria can cause “serious harm” and they have mandated new warning labels to be put on those drugs.

Sadly, far too many doctors have gone whole-hog in the other direction and are currently “following the science” off of a cliff. For proof of that, check out this report from The Postmillennial on one doctor from Boston Children’s Hospital in Massachusetts. Dr. Jeremi Carswell is the “director of the Gender Multispecialty Service” at the hospital. She’s put out a video explaining how many children realize they are transgender nearly from the moment they come out of the womb but “lack the ability” to express that to their parents. In the video, she explains some of the warning signs indicating that you may need to get your young child into the hospital for “gender-affirming care” ASAP.

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Did you catch those “warning signs?”

  • Refusing to get a haircut
  • Standing to urinate
  • Refusing to stand to urinate
  • Trying on siblings’ clothing
  • Playing with opposite gender toys

Can you think of one small child who hasn’t done at least most of those things at one time or another? And yet this doctor has been placed in charge of a major unit at one of America’s largest pediatric hospitals and she thinks that’s an indication that your child may need genital mutilation surgery or puberty blockers. One of the largest hospitals performing these procedures in Britain is already shutting down. The one in Boston should also. Stop the madness. More doctors must speak out about this.