PODCAST Duke Over America WAAM Radio Edition 191 Sunday August 21-2022

Source: RedState

BONUS PODCAST version of Duke Over America WAAM Radio Edition #191 for Sunday, August 21-2022 has all this and MORE. This episode has a BONUS material NOT heard on the Ann Arbor station today.

First up, the CDC admits they screwed up and no one will be held accountable. Also, Liz Cheney gets the ol’ heave-ho from the good people of Wyoming, but she will be fine.

The bonus material comes in about my beloved state of Michigan where it seems more and more people in the GOP have lost their ever gob-smacked minds because of hurt feelings. Everything seems to be a conspiracy when your candidate does not win and the times have passed to allow sick rumors to be passed around as fact by people who claim to be CHRISTians.

I go over some of the more egregious examples and call them out for what it is, dadaism and something that the Democrats are most likely planting and certain people who claim to be patriots are regurgitating. After listening to this, if you think I’m wrong on any of this you can look me up at my BIO right HERE and let me know why. I might even post some of your comments in a future post or talk bout it on my show.