Podcast: The 3WHH, God Save the Queen

Source: Power Line

With John Yoo sitting in the host chair this week, we decided to post this episode a day early partly on account of travel schedules (John and I are headed for the NatCon conference in Miami over the weekend), and partly because of the breaking news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Also because it turns out that the favorite whisky of King Charles III is reportedly Laphroaig 15, which counts as a point in favor of Team Steve in the Great Whisky Wars, even though none of us are sure Charles is going to be a very good king. (For one thing, he’s a nitwit climatista.)

The same can’t be said, happily, for the king’s new first minister, Liz Truss, who is making liberal heads explode with some of her cabinet appointments (three cheers for Jacob Rees-Mogg!) and declared intent to end Britain’s ban on fracking, which is long overdue. She even suggests expanded production of oil and gas from the North Sea. Combined with her intent to cut taxes, she sounds like she just might be the second coming of Margaret Thatcher.

From there our attention turns to domestic matters, including the appointment of the special master for the ongoing saga of the Great Mar-a-Lago Raid, a look at the highly fluid senate races in a few places, and what ought to be the lessons of California’s ongoing energy madness.

So listen here, or put on your bowler hat and process over to our royal hosts at Ricochet.