Prediction: Tudor Dixon wins MI governor race

Source: Hot Air

I am going out on a limb. And I should warn you up front, I suck at predictions.

But what fun is election season if you don’t put your reputation on the line? The great thing about election predictions is that nobody holds you accountable if you are wrong, and you look like a genius if you are right.

Contrary to my and everybody else’s expectations, Tudor Dixon is doing very well in Michigan and may very well beat Governor Whitmer next Tuesday.

Democrats hate Tudor Dixon. She represents everything they despise. She is fiercely pro-life, proudly “deplorable,” and has been a consistent critic of the Democrat fascist agenda.

Whitmer looked unstoppable early on in the campaign. Democrats were looking forward to running against Dixon because she seemed so extreme, winning the nomination with a boost from Donald Trump’s endorsement.

But now? Dixon is tied with Whitmer with one week to go, and it is clear that momentum is on her side and not Whitmer’s. It’s glorious.

In Michigan, the governor’s race is tied, and Joe Biden is rocking a 38.9 percent approval rating, according to the latest Insider Advantage survey.

In the gubernatorial race, 44.8 percent of respondents said they would vote for Republican nominee Tudor Dixon versus 44.6 percent of voters who said they would vote for Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer if the election were held today. Two percent said they would vote for Mary Buzuma, the Libertarian, and 2.4 percent said they would pull the lever for Kevin Hogan, the Green Party candidate. Another 8 percent said they would prefer another candidate, and 5.4 percent were undecided.

Dixon did better among younger voters (42.3 percent to 40.5 percent) and Gen X voters (47 percent to 45.3 percent), while Whitmer did best among seniors (48.2 percent to 44.7 percent). More whites (49 percent to 42.3 percent) and other/Hispanic (53.4 percent to 22.2 percent) said they would vote for Dixon. African Americans, on the other hand, overwhelmingly preferred Whitmer (74 percent to 12.5 percent).

More male voters said they would vote for Dixon (52 percent to 37.2 percent), while more women preferred Whitmer 51.1 percent to 38.7 percent.)

Additionally, the poll shows Dixon winning the Independent vote by a significant margin (50.7 percent to 29.4 percent).

It is that final number–Whitmer’s unpopularity with Independents–that will likely seal her fate. A 20 point deficit with Independents sure seems to be a difficult hill to climb with only one week to go until election day.

As expected the MSM is doing everything they can to take Dixon out and save their once-hero Whitmer, who was one of the most prominent COVID fascists during the height of the pandemic. You may remember that she actually segregated sections of stores, allowing customers to buy certain products while barring purchases of items such as–get this–garden seeds. She essentially banned people from gardening in her state.

CNN last week ran a hit piece picked up by other outlets smearing Dixon as an election denier and a liar. It is well below the belt, and shows the level of desperation in Democrat circles. Picking up “shocking” comments from 2020, they do everything they can to make her sound like an ogre.

It won’t work. Momentum for Dixon is strong, and with Independents flocking to her it seems likely that she could actually win. It would be a devastating blow to the Democrats who had their eye on Whitmer for higher office.

My prediction: a Dixon victory. It would be glorious.