President Trump and Breitbart Accused of “Doxxing” FBI Agents Who Signed a Public Document

Source: RedState

In the aftermath of the raid on President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate, one of the many skirmishes was over the search warrant. President Trump complained about the conduct of the search, but because the Department of Justice filed the warrant under seal, preventing its release. The left pointed out that the FBI was required to leave President Trump a copy of the warrant, and he should release his copy if he felt abused.

Late Friday, President Trump did just that. Using Breitbart News as his vehicle, we could see the entire search warrant.

Search Warrant Mar a Lago by Breitbart News

Did I say the entire search warrant? Well, that isn’t what Trump’s critics wanted.

You have got to be sh***ing me.

A search warrant is a public document. The proof of that is that President Trump was given a copy and encouraged by the intellectual left to make it public. I don’t have any sympathy for anyone involved in this assault on our Republic. While I don’t wish them physical harm, I don’t have a problem with them being peacefully, if loudly, confronted at home or while shopping or dining out. That’s the standard.

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So long as these agents aren’t treated with any more violence or disrespect than Kirstjen Nielsen, I think it’s completely fine.

Some of the usual suspects accuse Breitbart of “doxxing” the agents by posting a public document; see pages 5 and 7. This is utter nonsense. The only way “doxxing” could occur would have been if the Department of Justice had violated court rules when filing the search warrant.

Federal rules require that anyone filing a federal court document must redact certain personal information in the interest of privacy, including Social Security or taxpayer identification numbers, dates of birth, names of minor children, financial account information, and in criminal cases, home addresses.

If the agents were “doxxed” by publishing a public document, then the failure was on the part of the people who did not follow Federal court rules, not Breitbart News.

A genuine effort to “dox” the agents signing this search warrant would have required someone to have enough energy to find them in various public databases and publish that information. But that would be wrong. Right?

I don’t see why people voluntarily involved in this search have any expectation that their role, even if it was “only following orders” (Ich habe nur Befehle ausgeführt, in the original German), should be some sort of state secret. It shouldn’t. We have a right to know who we are dealing with. We have the right to balance out the scales of justice when our side is in charge. The people involved in planning and conducting this raid made a conscious decision to become participants in political warfare. If they are ashamed of what they did, maybe they shouldn’t have done it. If they are afraid their neighbors, or society in general, may disapprove, perhaps they should think twice about being part of a political vendetta. If they believe what they did was right and in the nation’s best interests, then they should hold their heads up and take full credit for the raid and for what comes next.