RedState on the Air: Brad Slager Interviews Managing Ed. Jennifer Van Laar on WBT Radio About California Policies

Source: RedState

Jennifer discusses her mask ordinance investigation and how California policies are influencing the nation.

On WBT Radio, Charlotte, North Carolina, RedState’s Brad Slager is filling in on the Pete Kaliner program. Managing editor Jennifer Van Laar is on for a pair of segments to discuss a variety of stories emanating from her region of Southern California, but which are possibly taking root on a national level.

We discuss Jennifer’s series of stories exposing how Barbara Ferrer, from the LA County Department of Health, has pushed a new required mask ordinance based on a spurious report — one crafted by her own daughter. The conflict of interest added to the problems of this report not being crafted on scientific evidence or medical professionals.

We also discuss the details surrounding the LA District Attorney George Gascon and how his George Soros-funded efforts to install numerous other DAs across the country, who are pushing an extremist progressive agenda.

Then closing out things, there is news about California Governor Gavin Newsom, who is not only installing curiously tone-deaf commercials trying to lure residents to California, based of his alleged “freedom” policies, but he is also engaged in an effort to bring back lost Hollywood studio productions to his state. The results actually show a level of desperation in his position.

Take a listen: