Remember that nice British chimpanzee lady? I think she wants us dead

Source: Hot Air

Wow. Now, this clip is a little old, but it sure was a surprise to me. I’m not sure what happened to sweet little Jane Goodall between the National Geographic specials of my youth – where she was like a goddess of the primeval forest communing with the primitive species who rule there…

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…and her 2020 visit to the stage at the World Economic Forum. I’m hoping the explanation is aliens.


Gotta be aliens.

All these seemingly cultured, educated, often fabulously wealthy, often culturally or scientifically iconic luminaries with excruciatingly erudite-sounding foreign accents mouthing what are truly horrific concepts in the most banal tones. Could it be any creepier? They are living caricatures of every Bond villain ever. Everyday wistful wishing you could poof away 7.5B people to take us back to the good old days of the 1500s is one.

“Indoctrinating children” is another.

How do they all wind up at the WEF? Is there some sort of pheromone that attracts these types to each other?

To add to the air of Super Villainy afoot, the WEF powers that be have recognized that these tweets showcasing their brilliant ruminations onstage do them no justice – wasted on tiny-minded peasants as they are – ergo they have declared Twitter persona non grata. They need to get firm control of the message getting out…

…because people are paying attention to them. It’s not a self-congratulatory circle-jerk of billionaires, pseudo-scientists/deep-thinkers and fringe quacks anymore. They’ve been exposed thanks to these wonderful innerwebs things and they are feeling the heat of the very people they are conspiring to manipulate. Jordan Schachtel’s done some deep diving into the WEF and their new, nervous push-back. Those who question the ideas promoted at the gatherings and the policies promulgated from those discussions have made the forum – bet you can’t guess!

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and its benefactors are facing major headwinds. What was once a shadowy, ruling class ideas shop has been forced into the spotlight, exposing its powerful network to unwanted attention from the Common Man. The WEF’s extremist agenda, which has advanced global narratives such as the “The Great Reset” and “Build Back Better,” and “You’ll Own Nothing And You’ll Be Happy,” among others, has been met with increasingly fierce resistance. In the United States and in pockets abroad, both governmental and private actors are taking action against the Davos Man’s agenda items.

…The WEF is feeling the heat, and for the first time on record, they are waging a concerted, defensive public relations campaign against the forces that oppose its advocacy for technocratic tyranny.

Just weeks before its annual invite-only, closed-door gathering in Davos, the World Economic Forum has published an article claiming it is the victim of “disinformation campaigns.”

Right you are! They’re the “victims”! Even better than “disinformation campaigns,” Schachtel found out that an article written decrying “disinformation” about the WEF was actually written by a fellow named Monck who is now the WEF’s communication chief. ButWAIT. The same article is so pathetic, you’ll never guess who it blames for the “disinformation” about this fine group of upstanding world citizens – c’mon! Guess guess guess!

…In the linked article, an unhinged Monck declares that “a Russian propaganda campaign” is responsible for people’s negative perception of the WEF.

“The intent was apparently to spread disinformation in a bid to stir far-right outrage about COVID-19 and perpetuate domestic extremism,” the WEF comms chief rants. “The means was often via bots that would push far-right conspiracy theories to communities on boards such as 4chan.”

BINGO! If you had “Russians” you win a donut! A frosted one if you had “meant to make right-wing extremists/4channelers go wild” as the bonus picks on your card.

The NIH for example – whose many Scientists™ help feed WEF fantasies – would want you to eat the donut before anything remotely associated with climate-killing bovine explosive methane emissions.

These people are even loonier than anyone I can name right now, other than Weird Al in his tin foil hat. The downside of their lunacy is the level of malevolence wrapped in a holier-than-thou face of benevolence.

I’ll never look at a benign picture of a sunset with a Goodall quote the same again. Now I know that’s what she wants me riding into.

I want my lights on, my house warm, food on the table, with gas in my car.

And I’m not gonna eat their damn bugs.