Samantha Belcourt’s story

Source: Power Line

Samantha Belcourt is a former Minneapolis police officer who turned in her badge following the Saint George Floyd riots of 2020. In her reporting for Alpha News Liz has been providing a multidimensional view of Minneapolis’s descent into the gutter. Liz writes up Belcourt’s story here based on her interview in the video below.

The subhead on Liz’s story extracts one thread: “Giving up the Third Precinct was intentional, according to a former Minneapolis cop, who said it was offered as a ‘prize’ to rioters. The officer turned in her badge just a few weeks later, betrayed by the city she had devoted her life to protecting.”

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By contrast, over the weekend the Star Tribune served up the work of a dozen reporters and photographers who fanned out across Minneapolis to document a summer night. “What they found was a city of resilience — not a ‘dystopian ghost city.’” All is — if not well, pretty damned good, according to the Star Tribune.

Who ya gonna believe, the Star Tribune or your lyin’ eyes?