Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin marks anniversary of withdrawal from Afghanistan

Source: Hot Air

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin marked the one-year anniversary of the U.S.’s withdrawal from Afghanistan by circulating a memorandum to all Department of Defense personnel. He acknowledged that America’s work “is not done” in Afghanistan.

I thought the reason we left when we did was because our work there was done. If we still have work to do there, why did Biden bring out all American personnel? Maybe the only thing let is for drones to do.

Frankly, if I were Lloyd Austin I would not be eager to commemorate Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. It was a disastrous move, apparently brought about by Joe Biden insisting he knew best and ignoring the best advice of Pentagon officials and intelligence officials. Did Lloyd Austin think Joe Biden knew best? I realize he had to carry out his orders but man, oh, man. I hope he has the stones to speak up to the dazed and confused old man in the Oval Office. If someone (or more) had spoken up and told Biden in no uncertain terms that his plan for the withdrawal from Afghanistan was bad or wrong, then maybe thirteen servicemembers lost at the gate of the Kabul International Airport that day would still be alive and with their families and loved ones. Joe Biden’s stubborn ignorance is deadly.

In a memorandum to all Department of Defense personnel, Austin said the U.S. went to Afghanistan in 2001 to “wage a necessary war of self-defense” in response to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack.

But since then, “no enemy has been able to launch such an attack on our homeland” due to the department’s efforts to defend citizens against terrorist threats, he added.

“Still, we know this work is not done. We must keep a relentless focus on counterterrorism—and we are,” he said. “We’re committed to supporting a whole-of-government effort to address the root causes of violent extremism. No one should doubt America’s resolve to keep our people safe.”

Does Austin’s attention include to the women and girls of Afghanistan? Earlier this month, a protest was held on the day that marked when the Taliban took back control of the country. The Taliban used gunfire to break up the protest. Usually then beat and arrest the women. The Taliban is back in charge and Al-Qaeda is in at least 15 provinces according to the United Nations, though Idiot Joe said they were ‘gone’ in order to justify the withdrawal. Biden also said the Taliban would not immediately take over Afghanistan, but they did. Remember, Joe Biden has been wrong on all foreign policy questions for the entirety of his political career.

Biden pledged to “hunt you down and make you pay” to whomever killed the American servicemembers in that terrorist attack at the Kabul airport. He hasn’t. One attack was randomly launched but it didn’t kill any terrorists, it killed an innocent family. The withdrawal is a stain on the United States. No heads have rolled. The Secretary of State, the Defense Secretary, Ned Turner, Jake Sullivan, and all the others still have their jobs.

Austin addressed Gold Star families, as well as servicemembers.

“To our Gold Star families: We hold your loved ones in our hearts – and we pledge to you the unwavering commitment of a grateful Nation,” he continued.

Austin concluded his letter by addressing those who have “hard questions” about the war and what their sacrifices in Afghanistan meant.

“Last year, I said that although the Afghanistan war has ended, our gratitude to those who served never will. Today, I renew that pledge,” he continued. “To every man and woman who served in Afghanistan: This country will never forget what you did and what you gave.”

A huge disgrace was how the Afghan allies were treated during the withdrawal. Thousands of them have been left behind, though they were assured that this would not happen. The stories of their efforts to get out of the country are harrowing.

For every story of Afghans who navigated a hectic Kabul full of Taliban checkpoints, contended with crowds and chaos at the airport gates, and found their way onto a flight ultimately bound for the U.S., there are just as many stories of people who didn’t.

Advocates estimate there are more than 100,000 they deem to be vulnerable Afghans due to their ties to the U.S or its democracy efforts and goals, a figure that jumps significantly when adding former Afghan military members.

Many have gone into hiding — and they’re disappointed the U.S. has no clear plan to get them out.

Those Afghans were promised refuge in the United States or another country in exchange for their alliance with American servicemembers. Now they are hunted like animals by the Taliban and killed for working with the Americans. They deserve better. Joe Biden failed them. As of the time I am writing this post, there is nothing on Biden’s Twitter account to even note that today marks the one-year anniversary of the final flight out of Kabul. Nothing.