Stelter: Hey, Hunter Biden is “not just a right-wing media story” any more, you know

Source: Hot Air

Yes, we know — and we knew it all along. Almost two years after the mainstream media locked arms with Big Tech platforms to prevent the dissemination of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, suddenly it’s no longer just a “right-wing media story.” Brian Stelter declared it open season on Hunter’s legal woes and alleged connections to corruption … now that Joe Biden’s approval and favorability ratings are bad enough that Democrats want to find ways to push Biden out of the 2024 election cycle.

Newsbusters captured Stelter’s belated recognition that this is a real story specifically to challenge Biden spokesman Michael LaRosa on Biden’s 2024 plans:

Here’s the transcript from CNN:

STELTER: What about his son? What about Hunter? Hunter, under federal investigation, charges could be coming at anytime. This is not just a right wing media story. This is a real problem for the Bidens. Could he decide not to run for re-election given his son?

LAROSA: Look, they make — they make decisions as a family and they will make that decision when it’s time. But —

STELTER: Do you think they’ve talked about it yet?

LAROSA: No. The president is doing his job and he’s doing his work. He’s not focused on that. It’s 19 months. Why would he be doing that?

STELTER: OK. So, you’re saying the press is getting ahead of —

LAROSA: Way ahead, way ahead. There’s more work to do. It’s been 19 months. And, you know, he intends to run, like I said. But I think we — I think the focus should be from the press on how — what he’s doing is affecting people out in the country. Because these are things that Democrats have wanted to get done for a long time, and just over — in just a week, veterans, manufacturing, the unemployment rate, it’s been remarkable to see a president rack up so many substantive wins as even your anchors have noted in the last year.

Why was it only a “right-wing media story” in 2020? Because mainstream media ran interference for Joe Biden in 2020. Why is it a legit story now? Because mainstream media now wants to jettison Biden in order to salvage the standing of other Democrats.

In the meantime, the actual facts of the story haven’t changed at all. The laptop data is the same, the testimonies of others around have remained the same, and so on. The only additions have come because the New York Post and other “right-wing” media outlets kept investigating and reporting on the story while the “mainstream” media and Big Tech platforms kept calling it “Russian disinformation.”

It’s narrative journalism at its worst … in both directions.

Joe Concha ripped Stelter and the media bias on display on Fox News. He also brings the receipts on Stelter’s hypocrisy:

[embedded content]

“Now that he has a new boss,” Concha says about Stelter, “I guess he’s trying to keep his job by actually doing his job.” That gives Stelter too much credit here. He’s trying to keep his job by helping Democrats push the Bidens to the sidelines.  Although, according to Puck News, the layoffs may be a-comin’ at CNN soon. Stay tuned … or not.