Student Loan Forgiveness As Class Warfare

Source: Power Line

It used to be that “class war” meant the Marxist scheme of seeing the plutocrats against the working class, though the idea of class conflict is as old as Plato at least. Anyhow, it was a staple of the left wing of the Democratic Party.

But somehow the left’s class war has transformed in such as way that today’s class war on the left is determined to transfer income from the working class to the upper class—but not just any upper class, but a segment of the upper class, or potential upper class (college graduates), that votes Democrat.

So take in this ad from the good folks at American Action Network and ponder that once upon a time Democrats could have run this ad against Republicans:

[embedded content]

The cognitive aspect of the leftist class war against the working class was never better expressed than by this Onion video that I posted several years back, but which deserves recycling:

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