Sunday ‘Toon: A Pox On Both Your Bathhouses! Media Denies The Obvious

Source: RedState

The real “Don’t Say Gay” is the media bending over backward to deny the obvious. Monkeypox isn’t spreading like a prairie fire through the monogamous non-bathhouse crowd. It’s not infecting vast swaths of the population who don’t attend gay orgies. It is spreading like a San Francisco fog through the gay crowd who, apparently, think that having sex with 15 anonymous men isn’t risky. It turns out, it is. Monkeypox is principally and unrelentingly transmitted through sex and in the vast majority of the case (around 97%) gay men who can’t keep their penis in their pants. But just cover up with band-aids and you’ll be fine.

How has the media addressed this? To deny the obvious. The media says: “we don’t want to stigmatize the gay community”. Sure most of the cases are gay men, but we don’t want to hurt their feeling by stating an obvious fact. Ok Media.

A Pox on your bathhouses!