Sunday ‘Toon: BREAKING HEADLINE: Biden Has Beaten COVID Again and… Again

Source: RedState

The White House announced that, finally, Joe has beaten back COVID. Again. I think this was his 12th rebound from being COVID negative. For the media fact-checking scolds – I know that he didn’t have 12 rebounds of COVID. More like three. But considering that all we ever get are letters from his doctor, it’s hard to tell. I could write a “get out of school” doctor’s note for Joe. Only the doctor who never makes an appearance can verify that Joe has rebounded from his rebound. Joe’s physician is more camera shy than Jeffery Epstein in a jail cell.

Joe’s comorbidities included oil-cloud cancer, asthma “lyingitus” and dementia so we’re luck Biden has been vaxxed and double-boosted or we might have had President Cackles.

Rejoice! Joe has rebounded from his rebound. Joe’s beaten the economy – I mean COVID.