Taylor Lorenz endorses China COVID policy, attacking WaPo

Source: Hot Air

I missed this over the weekend, and perhaps you did too.

Taylor Lorenz, the Washington Post’s activist/reporter who specializes in stirring up trouble and whining incessantly has taken, a shot at her own newspaper while defending China’s COVID policies.

The Post wrote a story over the weekend explaining why China, despite draconian policies to achieve ZERO COVID cases, is having such trouble with the virus. One of the big problems is that there is no natural immunity in the Chinese population, so any exposure to COVID spreads far more quickly than even lockdowns can stop.

The Chinese Communist Party is tearing the country apart in pursuit of those policies, sparking mass protests around the country. The CCP has built huge internment camps for COVID cases as well as dissenters. Camps that hold 10s of thousands of people have been built, COVID  positive people–and anybody who dissents from COVID policies–get locked out of their homes, have difficulty getting food, and get beaten by a COVID police force in white Tyvek suits.

The Chinese policies are brutal. Over the weekend a fire broke out in a high rise building and residents were trapped inside and died due to COVID isolation protocols. Firefighters couldn’t even reach the building for a long time because route were blocked due to COVID protocols.

It is hardly a surprise that the Chinese population is rising up in opposition, and perhaps endangering the Xi regime itself. (Although don’t hold your breath–the Chinese can be more brutal yet).

In light of the controversy that has lit a fire of protest in China, the Washington Post story discussed the obvious fact that China’s policies have only delayed the spread of the virus, because there is no way to stop the transmission of a virulent airborne disease. People will get it–in the US it is estimated that over 83% of Americans have caught COVID at least once. It is not a question of if, but when. And since the Chinese have yet to go through that process, few of their citizens have acquired any real immunity to the virus and its effect.

China does have a vaccine. However it is not very effective and relatively few have received it.

Taylor was not pleased with the story and took a really nasty shot at it. Quite snide, actually, as is her wont:

This was a bizarre take, especially given the fact that people in China are being horribly oppressed in an attempt to prevent the inevitable. Everybody in China, whether now or soon, will get COVID. This is not due to a failure of policy; it is the result of the fact that COVID, like death and taxes, is unavoidable. This is why God invented immune systems. Because disease is everywhere and unavoidable. Even COVID’s tendency to mutate is common in the virus and bacteria world, as the flu demonstrates.

It is hardly shocking that the Chinese Communist Party would engage in totalitarian tactics. They are totalitarians.

But I still am surprised when Americans embrace China’s Zero COVID policy, even though it is totalitarian. And I am even more surprised yet that an American reporter would take to social media to criticize her own paper for reporting obvious facts, as if both the newspaper and reality itself should bend to her perverted will.

COVID fanatics appear to have absolutely no sense of proportion. They start with a faulty assumption–that government policies can be effective in actually preventing the spread of COVID indefinitely and then extrapolate from that to the conclusion that this is a desirable outcome regardless of cost.

Costs matter. A lot. We could prevent all auto deaths by banning autos. We don’t, because the cost of doing so is way too high. This is how civilization works: balancing risks and rewards.

Clearly the Chinese people do not agree with the COVID maximalists, and with good reason. Even if it were possible to prevent the spread of the disease the cost to do so is so enormous in terms of lives, liberty, and livability that the goal is not nearly worth the price paid. Thousands or tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets, risking their lives and liberty to stop the madness. It turns out that living in a society where the powers-that-be weld you into rooms is not acceptable to normal people.

Only an entitled brat–one who will never be subjected to such treatment–could approve of this. Just as nobody in the top levels of the CCP will be welded into a room for quarantine, or denied food and housing for dissent.

If the Washington Post were smart they would dump Lorenz. She is stupid, destructive to their reputation, and a moral monster. Her first impulse when she hears an opinion she dislikes is to strike out, claim victimhood, and try to destroy her perceived enemy. She is a moral midget whose sense of entitlement is beyond belief.

Actually, the WaPo could do us all a solid and simply ban Lorenz from being on Twitter. Either she would comply, relieving us from her incessant prattling and ill-thought-out opinions, or she would quit from the Post and move on.

A man can dream, can’t he?