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Joe Biden has done much more than President Trump did to secure the border, and all that hard work by his border security coordinator VP Kamala Harris is finally paying off.

At least that is the story they want you to accept.

Karin Jean-Pierre has taken gaslighting to a new level, and has proven that she is at least as bad at it as Kamala Harris. (I wrote about Kamala’s inadequacy in this department earlier). Does she seriously believe that a single person takes this at face value?

Probably not. But she does know that when she is spewing her lies the mainstream media won’t fact check her. The single reporter who ever tosses her anything but a softball question is Fox News’ Peter Doocy, and that is a shame. It would be nice to see even a glimmer of intellectual honesty from a more traditional media outlet, but apparently that is a forlorn hope.

Speaking of Fox, they helpfully pointed out that the media “fact checkers” have decided to ignore the ridiculousness of talking points spewed by Jean-Pierre and accept them at face value.

Since starting her position on May 13, Jean Pierre has received no fact-checks from, Reuters, The Associated Press, The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler, and CNN’s Daniel Dale, according to a review by Fox News Digital.

Kessler pointed Fox News Digital on Tuesday to a 2021 tweet explaining that the paper rarely fact-checks politicians’ spokespersons, preferring to focus on policymakers themselves. None of the other sites or individuals responded to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

In late August, Jean-Pierre claimed that illegal immigrants aren’t just “walking across” the southern border, although many have.

During a press briefing, Fox News’ Peter Doocy noted that thousands of migrants are pouring into the country without being vaccinated or proving their vaccination status.

“But that’s not how it works,” Jean-Pierre responded.

“That’s what’s happening,” Doocy fired back. “I know that’s not what you guys want to happen. But that is what is happening.”

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KJP simply isn’t very good at her job. We kind of expect that White House spokespeople will “massage” the truth, but we also expect them to have enough respect for their audience that they make an effort to sound convincing.

Jean-Pierre is so awful at it that she makes “circle back” Jen Psaki look like a towering figure in the communications world, and I thought she was pretty lame at her job.

If Trump’s superpower was the strategic use of hyperbole to gin up his base, Biden’s superpower clearly is the uncanny ability to pick the most incompetent and unpleasant people to fill up his administration. Has he made a single good choice when hiring public-facing subordinates? I can’t think of one.

Bonus: Jen inspired a parody song inspired by the frequency of using the term “circle back:”

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