The coveted Franken endorsement

Source: Power Line

Former Minnesota Senator Al Franken waited until the last minute to bestow his coveted endorsement on Rep. Liz Cheney via Twitter (below). Cheney is of course contending for the Republican nomination to stand for reelection to Wyoming’s single seat in the House. I’m sure Rep. Cheney appreciates Franken’s confidence as she seeks to persuade Wyoming conservatives that she is deserving of their continued support to represent them in Congress. It’s just what she needed. I hope the word gets out among all Wyoming Republicans voting tomorrow.

I was a fan of Franken and Davis back in the ’70’s. I thought they were funny, but I don’t think Franken has been funny in a long time.

Since Chuck Schumer forced Franken out of the Senate in disgrace he has resumed his career in show business. I have to admit that his endorsement of Cheney is funny in a way. However, the guy is a political obsessive. You can be sure that he is up to speed on Cheney’s invitation to Democrats to vote for her in the Republican primary tomorrow.