The Decline of the West in One Fight Song

Source: Power Line

As you know, the NFL’s “Washington Football Team” finally settled on a new team name: the “Commanders.” I wonder how many focus groups it took to settle on this. Was it harder than coming up with “Oklahoma is OK”? Is “Commanders” really a good name for a city whose commands to the populace are increasingly resented? (It might help if the team had a commanding record to boast about in recent years. On the other hand, their ineptitude is fitting for the home of our national bureaucracy.)

The Commanders have come up with a new fight song, whose history shows that we should have seen this all coming a long time ago. It is worth noting the evolution of the Washington franchise fight song:

Obviously you had to expunge “Dixie” (not to mention “Scalp ’em”), but “Fight for old DC”??

Anyway, behold the Commanders:

What was wrong with “Sons of Washington”? I imagine cultural leftists can come up with a dozen reasons.

It will be interesting to see how many Washington fans decide to stick with the old versions about the Redskins.