The freaky deaky Jamie Foxx Trump impression

Source: Hot Air

A viral sensation to cleanse the palate at the end of a long week.

I wouldn’t call this the best impersonation of Trump I’ve ever heard. J-L Cauvin’s is a bit better, although only a bit. What’s freaky about Foxx’s version is how different his normal speaking voice is from Trump’s. Cauvin’s isn’t wildly different; if you’ve ever listened to his podcast and heard him segue from “Trump” to his natural range, you’ve had the thought, “Oh, yeah, I see the resemblance now.”

With Foxx, it’s totally out of left field. The first time I watched this, I wondered if he was lip-syncing to the audio of someone else’s impression. It’s that disorienting.

But make up your own mind. The first clip is Foxx, the second is Cauvin’s insta-response. The line “They tried to give me the virus!” cracked me up. Language warning.