The Left is a death cult

Source: Hot Air

Abortion. Euthanasia. Transgender drugs and surgeries that cause infertility. Health care rationing. Anti-natalism.

The Left worships death and disdains human reproduction. They claim it is about celebrating human autonomy, or saving Mother Earth, or some nonsense like that, but I wonder if they just didn’t see Logan’s Run when they were young and thought that piece of crap movie was profound.

Probably not. That movie predates most of them.

David Hogg, everybody’s favorite Harvard student, has proudly declared that he is refusing to have children because doing so would cramp his style. He would rather own a Porsche than bring a human being into the world. Kids are a luxury good and they just aren’t worth the expense.

Perhaps I am old fashioned (no perhaps about it; I am old fashioned), but I believe that every human life is a precious gift from God. Sure, a lot of those gifts rot like the Harry and David fruits your relative sent you for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t come into the world sweet. They were just neglected instead of being cherished and enjoyed. I guess this makes David Hogg a rotten fruit or something? (Have I taken this metaphor too far? I think so).

Hogg is not alone in his selfish rejection of continuing the line of humanity into the future. Millennials as a group are just not having kids, and it is showing up in the statistics. Americans are not reproducing themselves fast enough to replace the current population, no less expand it.

The root of this phenomenon is an anti-human ideology that disdains life as a good in itself, rather than for the pleasures of the moment. Hence the preference for an expensive dog and a Porsche, neither of which requires the tedious work and occasional heartache of raising a child. Hogg, as with other selfish Lefties, wants the fun of raising kids (skateboarding and surfing) without having to change diapers, morally instruct, or even feed a pain-in-the-ass human being.

Often you will hear about curbing the population to save mother earth, but that is a dodge. The child hatred has nothing to do with preserving Gaia; it has everything to do with self-pleasuring. Even the virtue signaling in proclaiming that you won’t have a child in order to save Mother Earth is a form of mental onanism.

The Left’s “civil rights” crusades of the past few decades have all had some tie to death or non-reproduction. Abortion. Transgenderism. Same sex marriage (no matter where you stand of the issue, same-sex couple do not procreate as a couple). Euthanasia. Zero population growth. Even fat acceptance, which promotes immediate gratification over long term health. 

It’s all of a piece, and it speaks of a hatred of the messiness of human lives dedicated to something greater than immediate pleasure. It’s all about “I want it right now on my terms.” And if things start to go south, let’s bring out the death drugs to end it all. They are all about life from abortion to euthanasia.

I am in the Elon Musk and Catholic Church camp on human procreation. It is a good thing. As our population has grown, our quality of life has improved dramatically. More human beings walking the Earth is a blessing, and we should embrace that blessing and the human ingenuity that makes billions of human beings walking the Earth with ever greater standards of living a possibility.

Making the world a better place doesn’t require fewer people in the developed world; it requires those of us in the developed world giving a hand up to those who don’t enjoy our standard of living yet.

As much as it would be funny to take a shot at David Hogg and be glad that he is taking his smug self out of the gene pool, I can’t even go that far. Hogg is an arrogant kid, but I have to believe that even he has some great thing he could contribute to the common good if he quit whinging about how unfair life is.

Life is unfair. It can be a slog. Do something with your life to make it better for everybody else. A Porsche in your garage won’t do it. Do something with meaning.

So I hope Hogg and his millennial friends decide to drop their antinatalism and do the dirty deed with a member of the opposite sex and produce a little human. I think they would find that for all their annoying and expensive qualities, kids are actually pretty cool to watch grow up.