The origins of illegal migrants are shifting rapidly

Source: Hot Air

Traditionally, we’ve tended to think of the problem of illegal immigration across America’s southern border as consisting almost entirely of migrants (including drug-runners and coyotes) from Mexico and the Northern Triangle nations of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. And to be sure, those four nations still account for many illegal aliens arriving in our country. But there’s been a decided shift in the migrants’ points of origin since Joe Biden took over and implemented his open border policies. According to recent statistics released by Customs and Border Protection, people falling into the fourth “other” category, representing all of the rest of the countries in the world, now outnumber those coming from those four countries. Many are still Hispanic migrants from further off in South America, but we’re increasingly seeing more from Europe and Africa as well. The reason is fairly obvious. Word about Biden’s policies has been getting around and people know that they will almost certainly be allowed to enter America and stay. So why not risk the trip, right? (NY Post)

Word of Team Biden’s open-borders policy is now attracting a whole new wave of illegal migrants, on top of the steady flow of 1) Mexicans and 2) former residents of the Northern Triangle nations of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador: The rest of the world now accounts for a huge number of illegal border-crossers — 700,000 this fiscal year alone.

As the nearby chart shows, the swell that began as soon as Biden took office hasn’t slowed but grown. Much of the “other nations” group comes from Cuba, Venezuela, Columbia and Nicaragua — but Haiti and even Ukraine contribute, too.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ supposed mission of addressing the “root causes” of Northern Triangle migration looks even more pathetic, and not just because she’s barely pretended to try: The rush from Cuba, etc., would drown out any progress (if she’d actually made any).

The numbers are rather stark. In fiscal year 2016, illegal migrants from Mexico and the Norther Triangle numbered a bit less than 200,000 each. Migrants in the “other” category totaled only a few thousand. In 2022, the Northern Triangle and Mexico sent approximately 450 and 600 thousand respectively. But the “other” category beat them both with 732,661 travelers. If you add up all of those numbers you will realize that we’re talking about an influx of illegal migrants in a single year that adds up to more than three times the population of Wyoming.

As the linked report notes, new illegal arrivals in the country have quickly sent word back home, informing their friends and relatives how easy it was to be allowed into the country and relocated to almost anywhere they might choose. Despondent Border Patrol agents have told reporters that in many border locations, they are basically “waving everyone through” and treating all but the most obvious repeat offenders and criminals as “asylum seekers” before sending them on into the interior of the country. The job seems almost pointless these days.

News of these open border policies has been spreading through more than just friends and family members. It doesn’t help that groups like Pueblo Sin Fronteras dispatch volunteers down to the Northern Triangle countries to organize caravans and encourage people to make the trip northward. This is done despite the fact that it is still illegal to facilitate illegal immigration, but nobody from the group ever seems to be prosecuted.

The changing face of illegal migration may also lead some people to view it a bit differently. This is no longer “a Hispanic problem.” Many of the migrants are coming from other continents now, so the mixture includes Black people and, yes, even white illegal aliens. Arguments about our border policies being “racist” are growing weaker by the year. This is an equal opportunity invasion, driven by an open invitation from the Biden administration.

And what ever happened to our so-called “border czar,” Kamala Harris? Wasn’t she suppose to be exploring “the root causes of illegal immigration” and addressing them? Spare us the false claims. She’s made one trip to the south that was supposedly going to work toward those goals (which produced nothing of substance) and that was it. She’s not even pretending to try at this point. The border crisis still fails to receive any significant amount of media attention, but we’re already paying a high price for it across the country. And that price will continue to rise until someone gets serious about securing the border.