The Week that Was: Radical rosaries, Afghastrophe anniversary, Searcy’s documentary, and more!

Source: Hot Air

We started out the week with The Atlantic’s attack on Catholicism, and we wrapped up with the increased scrutiny of the FBI. It’s been a big week in the news — and we’ve had lots of great analysis of it on The Ed Morrissey Show podcasts! If you’ve missed anything this week, be sure to catch up this weekend.

Today’s podcast features veteran Hollywood actor and director Nick Searcy, whose new documentary Capitol Punishment puts a spotlight on the Department of Justice and the FBI. We talk about a new kind of pressure to silence dissent and criticism of government and what that means not just in this context but more broadly. Nick also tells us about his Daily Wire feature film “Terror on the Prairie,” a fun Western where Nick gets to be the bad guy, and his work in the upcoming Ronald Reagan biopic with Dennis Quaid, “Reagan.”

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I missed out on doing a Wednesday podcast, as I spent the morning guest-hosting for Hugh Hewitt and covering the news of the day. Don’t miss the podcasts episodes I did do the rest of the week, though:

  • Libs of TikTok got temporarily de-platformed in the wake of her criticism of Boston Children’s Hospital and its transgender programs. Have mainstream media and Big Tech combined to lock out opposing viewpoints from the public debate – again? Duane Patterson and I looked at the implications on Thursday’s podcast and discuss a new “crusade” by Ron DeSantis, this time using Florida’s pension funds to go after woke corporatism. And we talked about Liz Cheney’s defeat in Wyoming, too.
  • By Tuesday’s podcast, one year had passed since Joe Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan. Where’s the accountability for the failures – and where are the thousands of Americans he abandoned? Andrew Malcolm and I discuss this, and I also reveal that I conceal-carry an assault, high-capacity … rosary.
  • How did protesters at UC Berkeley demand housing as a human right? By assaulting construction workers attempting to build low-income and homeless housing on campus.’s Emma Camp told us on Monday’s podcast about the peculiar NIMBYism of the social-justice left … and why her Twitter handle has three Ms in it.

    Plus, I reviewed the top stories of the day, including the one-year anniversary of Joe Biden’s abandonment of thousands of Americans to the Taliban.

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