They Keep Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud On Biden’s ‘Cool Guy’ Image Rebrand

Source: RedState

As we previously reported, a recent CNN-poll showed President Joe Biden’s approval ratings at record lows. On Sunday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre appeared on ABC and responded to the unfavorable polling by saying,

“We’ve said this before. It’s like, we get it. We understand what the American people are feeling at this time.”

By admission, the White House “gets it” regarding how the American people view Biden’s job performance. Last week, the White House media staff took to Twitter to post Dark Brandon memes as the Inflation Reduction Act passed through the Senate budget reconciliation process. I wrote about this desperate rebranding of Biden’s persona here: Let’s Go, Admin! ‘Dark Brandon’ Meme Posted by WH Officials as Twitter Censors ‘SuperTrump’

While the White House makes a full-time job of propping up Biden, CNN says the quiet part, out loud:

Yes, CNN wrote that Biden has been an image of “a feeble septuagenarian atop a mismanaged White House” before noting the new “leader” persona in the aviator sunglasses he dropped last week.

Then, CNN tells us Biden has a “vibe shift”, posting a photo with Hunter Biden jet setting off to vacation aboard Air Force One.

What is this “recent good news” that is “just in time” for Biden, anyway? Staying true to form, CNN again says the quiet part out loud, telling us that Democrats think Former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence being raided by the FBI is “good news right before midterm campaignig really picks up”. Yeah, they said it. 

The upside to a year and a half of false starts and breakdowns, Democrats say: They stumbled into having a pile of good news right before midterm campaigning really picks up, and just as the average gas price has fallen below $4 and Donald Trump’s last week included having the FBI search Mar-a-Lago and invoking the Fifth Amendment hundreds of times to the New York attorney general.

So just to recap CNN tells us that the geriatric version of Biden is passe because he’s passed a vibe check since his administration’s agencies raided a political rival, right before midterm campaigning picks up… and now he’s a chill dude vacationing. Thanks, CNN we would have to trust our own discernment if it wasn’t for you folks. 

Alas, the rebrand plan was just released as a White House memo, here. The Building A Better America Tour is hitting the road, “selling” their version of this administration to the American people ahead of the midterms.

” a White House official told Playbook last night. ‘[We] feel good about having something solid for us to sell, for members of Congress to sell.’ “

Yes, they said that out loud, too. Everything will be one big gaffe-filled campaign commercial from here to November. Enjoy the show!