Thomas Massie Exposes the DOJ’s Intent Behind the Seizure of Scott Perry’s Phone

Source: RedState

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has always been a defender of Constitutional freedoms, and a fierce critic of government expansion, entrenchment, and overreach. So, when Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) had his phone confiscated by the FBI a day after that same FBI executed an unprecedented raid on former President Donald Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago, Massie tweeted some hard truths.

Once you realize this is a hot war between the embedded elements of big government and conservatives who threaten their existence, you can understand the tactical and psychological significance of the FBI notoriously seizing the House Freedom Caucus chairman’s cell phone.

Massie rightly described what is going on as a hot war, and the flaming volleys are flying over all our heads right now. The Biden administration weaponized the Department of Justice the minute they chose to ignore the fallout from the 2020 Summer of Love and the rampant crime in major cities. Instead of doing what federal law enforcement is tasked to do, they decided to change the definition of domestic terrorist to target people who were nowhere near the Capitol on January 6, and investigate protesting parents who do not like what school boards are doing to their children without their permission.

Also note that Massie did not say, “Democrats and Republicans,” he said, “big government and conservatives.” The full fire of the FBI and DOJ is being aimed at the American people–doesn’t matter what political affiliation or non-affiliation you choose. California independent professionals had a preview of these tactics with AB5, when a power-mad legislature decided to outlaw how we work and who we can work with, then used the corrupt Employment Development Department to target anyone who violated the law. A good portion of 1099 independent professionals were non-partisan, and many others were progressive Democrats. This did nothing to protect them—with California’s government-on-steroids, party affiliation, or lack thereof, meant nothing.

The same goes for this flaming skirmish to which Massie refers. Our government is targeting anyone who is standing athwart draconian government and infringement on civil liberties. Perry is the face of the Freedom Caucus and a stanch Trump ally, so he is exactly the type of person the DOJ wishes to make an example of. Shock and awe is their tactic, as well as intimidation: If they can go after a sitting member of Congress, what is to stop them from coming after you? We have seen how they have already thrown the Fourth Amendment out the window; whittling away at the First through fear and tactics to chill speech is totally on brand.

Massie ended his tweet thread with insight into what could be the result of this phone seizure:

I’m not in the Freedom Caucus, but I’d say: every meeting of that group, all of the internal dynamics, every source of information, every conversation with GOP leadership, all major donors, recruitment efforts, unofficial whistle blowers can all be gleaned from that one phone.

In other words, the DOJ is looking for more kindling for the fires of this hot war. Getting access to Perry’s phone is an easy way to find more conservatives and freedom-adjacent individuals to target in order to continue the witch hunt. Now that the FBI has the phone, all that’s required is charting associations and connecting dots. It would take months, if not years, for the FBI to get this information legally and legitimately, so they game the system by using the weight of federal force, the government’s own goon squad. Then, when the information found on the phone is somehow leaked, they simply say, “Oops,” and plow forward in their campaign.

Masterful insight from one of our conservative generals in this hot war.