Thursday ‘Toon: Biden Robs Blue Collar America

Source: RedState

In April, I predicted that Biden would use “student loan forgiveness” as a wedge issue for the coming midterms. I said he would do it in August. Back in April, I used a real life example of a Minnesota resident who went to college in Arizona. She earned a worthless degree and returned to Minnesota with a load of debt. She was working minimum wage. She didn’t lament her poor choices, instead it was the debt’s fault — not her own.

Now we are in August, and the Democrats are, for the most part, acting in concert with faithful media lapdogs mouthing support for an almost certainly illegal act. Those who made bad choices will benefit. Those who are able to pay, but don’t want to, will benefit; and the rest of America pays.

There are millions of examples of people who worked hard to pay for college. They paid their debts.

What about the substantial number of blue-collar plumbers, carpenters, factory workers, waiters, bricklayers, and cops, to name a few, who didn’t burden themselves with enormous debt for a degree in gender studies? All of us are paying now for a lazy, irresponsible woman in Minnesota who went to college in Arizona so she could wear flip flops in February.

Biden is robbing the middle class, again.