Thursday ‘Toon: For Joe Biden, The Lights Are On But Nobody Is Home

Source: RedState

With the “Inflation Reduction Act,” the left (with the help of the White House) has deployed a new tactic. They’ve decided that  “Let’s Go Brandon” could be turned to their advantage. The White House co-opted a character called “Dark Brandon.” It’s Biden with his eyes sockets glowing. Why? Because “Brandon” has racked up so many “wins” lately. Not making sense? Well, little coming out of the White House makes sense. Seriously, their winning strategy is to recast the doddering, coughing old man in the White House who can’t put on his own jacket as a…super villain.

Okay, White House. Good call.

Unfortunately for the meme experts in the White House, “Dark Brandon” has its genesis in Chinese propaganda. Oops.

The children running comms at the White House weren’t done stepping on rakes. They decided that its Dark Brandon imagery needed “more cowbell.” Chinese propaganda wasn’t enough – the White House apparently decided some Nazi imagery would look super cool. And on top of that, they gave Joe an eyepatch. More Cowbell.

No malarkey, they thought this was a smart play.

The lights are on, but nobody’s home. Not in Joe’s head. Not in the White House.