Today show accidentally proves that a fetus is a person

Source: Hot Air

Well, “proves” might be a bit strong, but their human interest “isn’t that cute” discussion reveals something very profound, if only accidentally. Watch the videos and listen to the perfectly understandable reaction of the happy hosts.

It turns out that children in the womb react to the foods that their mothers eat, demonstrating their love of or disdain for certain kinds of food. Babies, by the way, like carrots but hate kale. Who could have guessed that kale even disgusts fetuses?

Researchers used 3D ultrasounds to view babies in the womb react to different stimuli to see how aware they are of what is going on in the world. Talk to any mother and they understand that they were not carrying around a passive clump of cells in their wombs, but a developing human being with a personality. That is why pregnant women start calling their babies “he” or “she” very early on. It’s a person developing. Parents even start getting a sense of who that child will be when born because their babies’ behavior begins before birth.

Babies’ behavior begins before birth. Nice alliteration, and it is true!

What was striking about the Today segment was how casually everybody behaved when showing the evidence. This is because not a single one of them was surprised. Anybody who has experience with pregnancy, even men who have lived with pregnant women, picks up quickly that pregnancy is just the first stage of development in a child’s journey to adulthood.

The “personhood” of the child is clear from early on. I don’t know the precise point at which a soul enters the body. My Church tells me at conception, but I can easily understand why others pick a point somewhat later in the process. The instinct that most Americans seem to have is that it is somewhere in the first trimester as the brain develops.

But it sure ain’t anywhere near birth, which is where the Democrat Party seems to think that the right to kill children in the womb should extend.

I have argued before that the Left is a death cult (and I should note that I ripped off that phrase from others, although I forget precisely whom). They view life through the lens of convenience and pleasure. If something is inconvenient or doesn’t provide pleasure, then morally it is not worth preserving for its own sake. This is a profoundly immoral point of view, but it animates their passion for abortion and euthanasia. It is behind their anti-natalism, It informs their bizarre form of environmentalism.

Many of us still don’t quite understand that our political opponents are not the good ol’ economic liberals of the 50’s or early 60’s, with whom we can have an argument about the welfare state and tax policies. Today’s opponents are the radical Marxists who booted those guys out a couple decades ago,.

Even Uncle Joe the president isn’t an old-style liberal, although he was sold to us as one. He has proven to be a tool of the radical Left, and a much more dangerous one than Barack Obama who pussyfooted his way around social issues.

Bill Clinton argued that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” Today’s radicals argue that abortion is a blessing and available until the moment of birth.

We should argue that all human beings have inherent moral worth and are worthy of defending.