Transgender care as young as 4?

Source: Hot Air

Schools are proselytizing for transgender ideology, and medical centers are seeking out younger and younger patients to “help” with their ghoulish procedures. WPATH, the organization leading the charge on setting standards for changing the sex of young children has recently lowered the age at which they recommend pharmaceutical and surgical “treatments” for children with gender dysphoria, and medical centers are springing up around the country to cash in on the trans trend.

This is bizarre and frightening. Libs of Tik Tok has done a great job exposing the recruiting of children into the transgender cult, and we owe a debt of gratitude to Matt Walsh and Christopher Rufo for their work as well.

Look at the photo of that child. Imagine what they are doing to him. They are literally dehumanizing children in the name of ideology.

Backlash has already struck and they are busy removing the evidence from their website. But Libs of TikTok has the receipts.

The MSM and our cultural overlords are doing their best to keep up the trans momentum for a number of reasons, but at base this is a full blown attack on the family, religion, and societal norms. By undermining any sense of the normative value of nature they undermine everything else. Nothing has any definition any more, and the powers-that-be can insert their own sick values in place of classical liberal and Judeo-Christian values. Family and Church are replaced as authoritative by Leftist approved ideology.

Akron Children’s begins its treatments prior to puberty, but that is old compared to some other facilities. The Medical University of South Carolina starts seeing children as young as 4 years old at their Pediatric Endocrinology Clinic.

Four years old. Four. Being seen by an endocrinologist for “gender affirming” treatment.

The transgender fad is based upon a foundation of lies. Puberty blockers are neither completely safe nor do they simply put a “pause” on puberty. These drugs are not well studied, so these doctors are essentially experimenting on children with drugs that have been used for chemical castration. Already terrible side effects have been noted but ignored, and more will be seen as the practice spreads.

Yet despite all the issues, the propaganda gets spread uncritically by the MSM and others. When Akron Children’s opened its center the TV news station trumpeted it as a great thing for kids.

The indoctrination of children into what amounts to a cult is bad enough, but these kids will never get the opportunity to escape back into the real world. The medical procedures and pharmaceuticals will permanently damage them, their mental health problems will get worse (yes, those studies that these “treatments” work are bogus), and I expect nobody will be held accountable.

At some point I expect the transgender hysteria will peak and subside. At least I hope so. But with billions of dollars at stake, new medical centers popping up like weeds, and the explosion of propaganda in the schools it won’t be soon. And when it does break, thousands of victims will be left in its wake. Perhaps hundreds of thousands.