Trudeau to China: everybody should have the right to protest

Source: Hot Air

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Castro…I mean Trudeau…has some harsh words for China’s suppression of dissent. He believes the right to protest the government is sacred and should be respected.

You have to admire both the sentiment–and the chutzpa of the guy expressing it. After all, this was the man who sent the actual military after his own citizens to disperse the truckers’ protests earlier this year.

The measures taken in Canada to suppress dissent were astonishing and unprecedented in the country. Trudeau used a law intended to protect Canadians from foreign invasion or terrorist attacks to send in the military, freeze bank accounts, arrest and even beat protesters who were angry about the insane COVID emergency laws.

In fact, the Canadian government is wrapping up a mandated investigation by an ad hoc commission into whether the law’s invocation was even legal, and some of the revelations coming out about what was done are damning. John wrote about those hearings earlier.

Watch this video for a flavor of what happened in the streets of Ottawa when the police and military cleared the streets. It is appalling stuff.

Kinda reminds you of some of the scenes coming out of China, doesn’t it?

Totalitarians of the Left all have the same aspirations: total control over your lives. It is harder to achieve that goal in Western countries where centuries-old legal traditions and social norms make getting there a longer process. But Trudeau is working hard to replicate the Chinese model in Canada.

So it is rich indeed to see Trudeau of all people chiding the Chinese for their use of draconian tactics to suppress dissent. Canada may have a long way to go before it reaches Chinese levels of tyranny, but Trudeau has certainly put the country on the path to get there. He has even admitted that he admires China’s dictatorship because the leadership can accomplish goals quickly and effectively.

Xi Jinping doesn’t care a whit what Trudeau or other Western leaders have to say about his policies and tactics in China. He never has and never will. The real threat to his power is not Western real or fake disapproval, but the willingness of his citizens to stand up to his tyrannical government and fight back.

After 3 years of brutal unrelenting COVID-zero policies, things are falling apart. COVID was never wholly suppressed in China, and the current outbreak is terrifying and spreading relentlessly. Xi’s main concern is internal dissent, not Western criticism.

I used to admire Canada’s apparent civility, but in recent years I have been appalled by the direction the country has taken. Medical murder, outright tyrannical COVID policies, and speech controls that are nearly unimaginable.

Trudeau’s criticism of China is purely performative. Xi know that, and he knows that. I think most Canadians do too.