Trump From Here: “A Nation in Decline”

Source: Power Line

Even before the hapless Biden Administration decided to make a yuuuge in-kind contribution to the Trump 2024 campaign by raiding his Florida home in search of . . . classified documents?! (yeah, right), everything I have been hearing from people who have spoken with Trump or been close to Trumpworld all say the same thing: he’s running again.

Perhaps it is only a coincidence, but the day after the raid, Trump released this very powerful video about “A Nation in Decline,” which I heard John Podhoretz (no Trump fan) say is the most effective short piece of political communication since Reagan in 1979-80. It’s just three minutes long, and worth watching. See if you notice what’s not said in this spot:

[embedded content]

What’s not said? Nothing about the stolen 2020 election. (Notice also the production techniques, of transitioning from black and white to color about halfway through.)

It’s almost as if Trump knows what he’s doing.