Trump Raid and Garland Presser, and the Fight Against ‘Woke’ in Florida – and Hollywood

Source: Hot Air

It’s been a big week in the news — and we’ve had lots of great analysis of it on The Ed Morrissey Show podcasts! That link takes you to my most recent podcast and other links of all my podcasts on Spotify and Apple for audio-only versions, but let’s do a review of this week’s podcasts to set readers up for the weekend.

The raid on Mar-a-Lago dominated the discussions with our guests over the last few days, and today’s podcast focuses especially on the legal questions. Today’s podcast features Paul Mirengoff from Ringside at the Reckoning and our as-it-happened analysis of Merrick Garland’s presser, who was as skeptical of Garland’s claims as I was. Meanwhile, we also discussed Ron DeSantis’ quiet and not-so-quiet dismantling of the bureaucratic state, and Christian Toto discussed how Hollywood may prefer not to go woke-broke any more:

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Don’t miss the rest of the week’s podcasts, either:

  • The Mar-a-Lago raid dominated the Thursday podcast too, as Duane Patterson and I went over its implications. We also talked about the inflation data from the Consumer Price Index and the Producer Price Index, and the dishonest “zero inflation” spin coming out of the White House. Plus, we both laughed out loud at Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s combat pose … and his very bad political instincts in Texas.
  • Will Conservatives Get Led Astray by Klobuchar on Anti-Trust? That was Wednesday’s podcast with Robert Bork Jr, son of the legendary jurist and author of The Anti-Trust Paradox. Bob founded the Anti-Trust Education Project and has repeatedly warned Republicans that their anti-Big Tech strategy will backfire economically and politically.
  • Andrew Malcolm and I have never been mellow (nor have we really tried), but we both had massive crushes on the late, great Olivia Newton-John. We both recall ONJ on Tuesday’s podcast, as well as Brian Stelter’s sudden interest in Hunter Biden corruption stories … now that mainstream media wants Joe Biden out of the way. The Regent of RedState and I discussed the implications of Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan trip, the fading favor of woke corporations, and I reviewed the top stories of the morning — especially the raid on Mar-a-Lago.
  • Does anyone remember the Senate debate on the so-called Inflation Reduction Act? AJ Kaufman and I dissected the bill while the Senate debated in my Monday podcast. We also took a look at the outcome of Republican primaries in Missouri and Arizona and looked ahead to Wisconsin, Minnesota, and others.

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