Tuesday ‘Toon: Chris Wray Isn’t Above the Law – He Is the Law

Source: RedState

You’ve read the stories. FBI Director Chris Wray bugged out on his Senate hearing where he managed to say… pretty much nothing. The only substantive thing we found out is that the clowns who set up, entrapped, and botched the Michigan kidnapping capper are now in DC running the J6 rundown. Nothing cries crony Washington politics like falling upwards.

Wray’s a lawyer. He played whack-a-mole with words for as long as possible. Then he needed a pee break. When Wray was asked to take a five-minute break, he took longer. Back in the seat, he announced he had a flight to catch. Everyone assumed he meant he was off to some location in fly-over USA where he’d throw on a flack jacket to arrest more grandmothers who took photos in the Capitol.

Nope. Chris Wray was off to upper New York state and the bucolic surrounding of Lake I-Don’t-Give-A-Damn. (It’s actually called Lake Saranac.) When Wray was in short pants, he would stay at his parents’ compound. Now that he’s in charge of the FBI, he can still do the same, but on our dime. Wray has at his disposal a “company paid” Gulfstream jet. He figured — why not jet to the woods with the wife for some R&R? Can’t be late.

Nothing’s more important than Wray catching some downtime. He works hard. Tracking down grandmothers and concocting kidnapping plots is exhausting work. I can’t imagine the conversation with the wife during his pee break. It might have gone something like this:

Wray: Yeah I’m on a break, I’ll make the flight no problem. Heck, it’s MY plane. You can pull the lobsters out of the freezer. I’ll be there in plenty of time.

Wife: Oh I thought they might keep you late, is it going well?

Wray: Oh yeah, I haven’t told them squat, you know me. I’m good at weasel words. And Grassley is totally buying the “I have to catch a flight to bag bad guys” line.

Wife:  Red or White?

Wray: Honey. Red. We aren’t commoners.

Wray implicitly lied about “having to catch a flight.” Will he pay a price for it? Nope.