VA strikes back against transgender proselytizing in the schools

Source: Hot Air

Governor Glenn Youngkin was elected governor of Virginia largely because he stood up for the rights of parents against the education cartel. He ran on the radical idea that parents, not educational bureaucrats are the primary decision makers when it comes to kids’ education. Virginia parents agreed.

Parents were rightly upset at about what education “experts” had done and were doing to destroy the value of a public education. COVIDidiot policies that prevented students from attending school were a primary factor in parental anger, but the rapid spread of transgender ideology and proselytizing was a close second.

Former governor Terry McAuliff argued that parents should leave minor matters such as the moral and intellectual development of kids to the “experts.” The very same experts who led the charge for policies that destroyed a year’s worth of educational progress for kids, and who were sending sexual predators into girls’ bathrooms to rape fellow students.

The “experts” McAuliff so heartily praised were determined to sacrifice young girls’ safety in service of ideology, and parents said a loud “no thank you,” giving Youngkin a surprise victory in the race.

Now Youngkin is following up on his pledge to bring rationality to the transgender policies in the schools, promulgating a model policy for how to handle this sticky issue in the schools. (Via Christopher Rufo) Most importantly Youngkin forbids schools from hiding their children’s gender transition from parents.

It may seem radical, but Youngkin’s policies will return care for the moral and physical development of students to their primary caregivers, not to some 25 year-old rainbow-colored-hair social justice warrior.

The current push to promote teachers and school bureaucrats as child development experts with superior knowledge and judgment to parents strikes me as totally bizarre.

First of all, it is really creepy to have non-caregiving adults speaking secretly to kids about their sexual identity and sexual practices, as is now common in the schools. There is word for that, but no social media site will allow it to be used without censorship. But sexualizing children is predatory behavior, especially since the people involved are promoting a particular identity or lifestyle.

Secondly, sad to say but many school teachers are barely equipped to do their primary job of educating kids in their subject matter. A quick look at student performance in the public schools will tell you that the public schools are doing a piss poor job of just teaching the basics. There are many good teachers, but as a class they are not especially impressive.

The idea that teachers who can’t teach will suddenly become intimates with students and guide their moral development is ridiculous and dangerous. The belief that schools that can barely maintain order could become nurturing environments for mentally disturbed children is utterly ridiculous.

It is indeed true that many children who have gender identity issues are at risk from severe mental health problems. That is an especially compelling reason to keep strangers who are ill equipped to deal with such weighty matters completely out of the issue. With kids who are suicidal it is probably best to keep the blue-haired body-pierced freak as far away from the child instead of encouraging that person to mentor them.

It seems more likely that transgenderism is much more often the result, not the cause, of mental distress. If a child really is suffering deeply then they need professional help, preferably nowhere near a Children’s Hospital eager to chop body parts off. And it is the parents who should get them that help because it is their job to love, cherish, and to nurture them.

Every state in the union should consider adopting the Virginia standards or developing similar ones–right away. The transgender fad is not harmless. It is a threat to millions of children, and will likely victimize hundreds of thousands over the next few years.

It is time to stop this madness. Now.