Video shows Arkansas police beating the crap out of a man on the sidewalk

Source: Hot Air

I think it’s safe to say this isn’t an arrest technique they teach at the academy. Whoever this guy is, he’s down with three officers on top of him. One officer is punching him in the head, I count 11 times. Then he knees him in the head. Then he lifts his head and pounds it into the cement. Meanwhile, another cop is kneeing him in the ribs as hard has he can. Eventually I see a hand reach up and grab the 2nd officer’s taser but that’s after most of the abuse has already been doled out.

The incident finally ends when the cops notice someone is filming them. There’s no audio on this clip but I’ll explain why in a moment.

Below is the original version of this clip. It was filmed from inside a car by the sister of the woman who posted it. At first the woman filming is shocked by what she’s saying. Then she says “We’ve got to get out of here,” as if worried for her own safety. But finally, she opens a door and shouts at the cops. That’s when they look up and see her. One officers yells “Back the f**k up!” and the other officer points at her and says “Get in your car.”

The two deputies involved have been suspended pending an investigation. The third officer has been placed on administrative leave.

The Arkansas Times has a bit more information on what happened before the video started.

The video above was taken today, at the Kountry Xpress at 1107 Georgia Ridge Dr. in Mulberry, in Crawford County. The woman who filmed it sent it to her sister, Naomi Johnson, who shared it on social media…

Johnson, who lives in Oklahoma, said her sister was too upset to talk yet about the incident, but she shared what her sister had told her. A shoeless man was sitting on the curb and talking with law enforcement officers when she arrived at the gas station, Johnson said her sister reported. The man stood up like he was going to run away, and the officers tackled him. Johnson said her sister thought the man seemed to be in mental distress.

The victim/suspect has also been identified as Randal Ray Worcester.

No word on Worcester’s condition yet. The claim that he injured one of the officers needs to be substantiated, obviously. Maybe he threw a punch before he ran? He doesn’t seem to have a weapon in his hands. At first I wondered if they were trying to get a gun away from him but I don’t see any evidence of that until he briefly grabs the taser. Short of that kind of imminent threat it’s hard to imagine anything that could justify this sustained beating of his head into the pavement. They’re not restraining him or trying to get cuffs on him, they’re just punishing him for whatever he did before the camera started rolling.

Granted this is Arkansas not California but I think those two officers are done unless there’s a lot more to this story. Versions of this video have already been viewed millions of times so this isn’t a local news story anymore.