Watch: Deborah Birx Flushes Remaining Credibility Down the Toilet With Response to CDC ‘Overhaul’

Source: RedState

Like former Surgeon General Jerome Adams, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and others from former President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force, Dr. Deborah Birx has been hell-bent on revising history in an effort to paint her legacy and that of those she worked with during the first year of the COVID pandemic in the most flattering of lights possible.

Birx, who was the Trump White House’s COVID response coordinator during the first year of the outbreak, sat down for an interview Sunday with CBS News’ “Face the Nation” in which she was asked about the CDC recently announcing an “overhaul” after they vaguely admitted to major failures in how they handled their coronavirus response.

Birx, who in so many words seemingly admitted after the fact that she deliberately deceived the Trump White House to further her own agenda, proclaimed that the CDC was taking an important step because “The way you rebuild public trust is be transparent”:

“Well, the way you rebuild public trust is be transparent. And I think that’s in the report: better data, better accountability, better transparency. But they also have to believe, and this gets to the culture piece, people can understand complicated issues. It’s your job as a public health official. That’s what public and public health means. Your job is to take complex situations and data, and create graphs so that people can understand why you are making those recommendations.

Recommendations that are created out of lack of transparency, and out of a black box where you can’t really follow the logic is what leads to fracturing and trust. And you really have to work to reestablish that. It can be done, but they have to change how they collect data, how they present data, and how they communicate to the American people.”


The thing here is that Birx is right – it’s paramount that government health officials be 100% transparent with the American people from start to finish when a public health issue starts. The problem, though, as noted above, is that Birx has admitted not only to lying during her time on the coronavirus task force to further a personal agenda, but she also blurted out during a book promo interview in July that she and others on the task force were dishonest about the vaccines, and “overplayed” them.

Further, when Birx announced her impending retirement, she told a big whopper along the way, stating her family was “dragged into” an AP news report on how she and her family traveled to her Delaware vacation home the day after Thanksgiving in 2020 at a time when public health officials including Birx were urging people to “be vigilant” while limiting gatherings to “your immediate household.”

In actuality, it was a family member who snitched on Birx, not the media seeking out her family members to generate a story.

The thing about transparency is that you either are or you’re not. You can’t claim to be a proponent of transparency months after you admitted you were deliberately not transparent about your motivations and actions during your time in public office. As her past post-Trump administration public comments have been, these, too, come off as self-serving and quite frankly narcissistic, especially considering her statement during the same Face the Nation interview where she claimed she lobbied the CDC behind the scenes in 2020 to make some of the reporting changes they are said to be implementing now.

Birx, who faced intense media criticism during her time on the Trump task force, can continue on her image rehabilitation tour all she wants to. But unfortunately for her, the facts – as admitted to by her only when it was convenient for her to do so – don’t care about her feelings.

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