WATCH: Little Leaguer Gets Beaned, Hugs The Crying Pitcher

Source: RedState

On Wednesday, Texas East was playing against Oklahoma in a Little League baseball regional held in Waco, Texas. In the first inning, an Oklahoma batter was beaned. I mean, the kid was threaded right in the melon. I was impressed by how quickly the boy recognized the missile coming for his head, and how quickly he got up. The helmet protected him and he walked to first base.

The batter (then a runner) recognized how traumatized the pitcher was. The Oklahoma player, fresh off of having his bell rung on national TV, tossed his helmet to one side and walked to the pitcher’s mound. Then, he hugged the pitcher. It was a nice moment of sportsmanship.

Here is the full video:

[embedded content]

I saw the video on Twitter. I was tempted to tweet a sarcastic comment. Something like: “the batter didn’t ask for a timeout to leave first base and hug the pitcher, so he’s out”. I thought twice about it and didn’t tweet anything. Why? Because there are too many nannies and ninnies on Twitter (most of them, leftists) and the left loves trolling Twitter to call conservatives evil baby-eaters over sarcasm being interpreted as Hitler-Twitter. Well, I was right.

Yesterday, a Deadspin dork name Chris Partee wrote a scathing takedown of Twitter meanies being mean about the batter hugging the pitcher. Actually, it wasn’t a scathing takedown, it was more just Partee yelling 100 words of “YOU MEANIES!”

He targeted Dave Portnoy and one other Twitter rando. Partee got to his (real) point after his cryfest over Twitter meanies. He wrapped up with this:

Stupidity like this should be illegal. But then again, many of the guys belittling these kids backed “El Presidente 45,” so it isn’t shocking to see them spew their idiocy all over Twitter. I don’t care what anyone says, this was a great moment that everyone can learn from.

There was a follow-up Twitter thread that wrecked Deadspin and Partee’s inability to recognize sarcasm.

Gawker used to own Deadspin. Gawker was sued into oblivion by Hulk Hogan and went bankrupt. It had to sell all its assets, and Deadspin was spun off into its own garbage bin, but it kept the Gawker sense of stupidity. And Partee has inherited the Gawker lack of self-awareness or sense of humor. Portnoy and most of Twitter got the joke. Partee didn’t. So, he yelled loud noises about Twitter meanies (and Donald Trump). I think Deadspin dorks like Chris Partee should be illegal.

By the way, if Partee reads this, I don’t want him to be “illegal”. Stay on the “internets”, Chris. You’re worth a hoot or two.

In conclusion, sportsmanship is overrated. The batter should have started a brawl. Baseball ain’t baseball without players throwing haymakers and missing, everything and everyone. At least the pitcher got in a clean shot to the batter’s head.

Texas East won 9-4. Boy, was that hug a mistake…