Watch Me on the Radio

Source: Power Line

I hosted the Dennis Prager radio show yesterday. It was a fun three hours, with a great guest lineup. The conversation focused mostly on the upcoming election, with Senator Tom Cotton, Dr. Scott Jensen, candidate for Governor of Minnesota, radio hosts Howie Carr and Seth Leibsohn, and Steve Hayward, all focused mostly on the election. I spent the last hour with reporter Liz Collin of Alpha News, talking about her new book on the George Floyd fiasco, which impacted her personally.

Like all the radio shows, Dennis Prager has gone video. So if you go here, you can watch me in the studio as well as listen to the program. For what that is worth. To be fair, Liz Collin was an in-studio guest, and no doubt improved the visuals.

The show got off to a slightly rugged start, as–due to a technical glitch–we didn’t get Senator Cotton on the air until well into the first segment, and then his phone dropped early in the second segment. Hey–that is live radio! If you watch the video, you can see me tap dancing while listening to producers in my ear and trying to figure out what to do next. From then on, though, everything went smoothly.

And the show was really good. All of the guests were terrific, and if you stay with it, you will learn things about the George Floyd case that you probably didn’t know.

Go here to watch.