Yee-haw: Custer’s comeback, DoJ’s flop, the Theologian in Chief, and Russian referenda on today’s #TEMS!

Source: Hot Air

It’s been one of those days — nay, one of those weeks in some ways. What better way to wrap up the week by looking for some entertaining distractions? Regnery’s H.W. “Harry” Crocker joins me today on The Ed Morrissey Show podcast to discuss his new Western, Armstrong and the Mexican MysteryIt’s the third in his Armstrong series, which imagines George Armstrong Custer as an adventurer and a detective — one who makes a miraculous escape from the Battle of Little Bighorn.

Why write fiction? As Harry and I discuss, it allows for both an escape — which we certainly all can use — as well as a way to tell stories that rely on the classic virtues. It gives readers some space from current events and intractable arguments to consider a more philosophical perspective. That allows the author as well as the reader enough distance to rethink assumptions and frame important values for more contemporary issues. Plus, as Harry notes, it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

The three books are not didactics, Harry emphasizes. Readers can enjoy them at face value, but they can also consider the virtues and vices of the characters on a deeper level, too.

Before we get to that interview, I walk through some of the pressing stories of the day. I have quite a bit to say about Stacey Abrams’ conspiracy theory about ultrasound machines and the patriarchy, even if media fact checkers don’t. Joe Biden’s claims about Catholic teaching on abortion get some scrutiny, as does the apparent collapse of the case against Matt Gaetz. Finally, the video version of my Salem News/Townhall editorial on how Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott, and Doug Ducey demolished media and Democratic distraction campaigns from the border crisis wraps up this week’s #TEMS podcasting.

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